Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Merry Xmas

It has definitely been a really great year... just today... on xmas eve, my really good friend Mariko got engaged!!! - yes, let's add another one to the list this year!
Congrats to her!

I certainly feel honored since she wants me to be part of her big day and take on this project! So, i guess it will be a fun way to start the year.

Anyhow, Cheers! and a very merry xmas to all!

May everyone's wishes come true, and may everyone enjoy a very healthy, wealthy holiday filled with love.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nothing but Good News

It's been a really long time... - so much for a Cecilia "Today" page eh?

so, where have I been in the past 6 months? Busy, really busy.

The good thing is that I have nothing but good news. Good news all over the place! Let's see, Cass, Judy, Mitch, Darius, and Angie got engaged, Michelle and Katie both got married, Amy, Jennifer, Michelle and Andrea had babies, Angela had twins, Chavez didnt win, Danny and Vic both got a place, Chung's business is growing, my website sales increased by 20% after we changed it, the database application is getting stronger, i'm about to launch a new security application, i'm currently launching a new phone system - literally NOW (i'm in the office finalizing things to launch it tomorrow at 7:30am), my sister is growing stronger, my parents visited for a while and pampered us with good food, I found tons of long lost friends through facebook who are doing incredibly well, and everybody else around me seem to be doing very well.
let's see... I also got a car, - (if you saw my earlier post this year about my 4 x 4... well no more of that - i'll tell you that, cos this time i got a real 4 x 4!)

Every time something good happened i "thought" of updating you with some news... obviously it never happened. The good thing is i've summarized everything today - just in time to start our New Year's resolution and Thank God for everything we learned this year.

well, i guess my break is over - back to work.

Talk to you soon!