Sunday, October 25, 2009

Emotions burst

Suddenly, in the middle of doing chores my mind wandered...

It is almost that time. After waiting for so many years, we are almost there.
in less than 20hrs I will be waiting for an answer. the answer that would set me "free".

Was it worth it? I keep asking myself. Or was it a curse?

Don't know how to feel. It's a mixture of happiness and sadness. It is the end of a long frustrating chapter and the beginning of a new one that promises... nothing.

I think what saddens me most is that tomorrow, while it should be a joyful moment, I fear it is going to be the beginning of a good bye that I do not want.

Monday, October 05, 2009

profound thought of the day...

What's is your goal?

Swans are evil! - I know it!

Just a couple of days a go, my friend Bill sent me a link about swans... He must have remembered one of my stories which i'm about to share with you.

Coincidentally, just this weekend as i was cleaning my room, I found the flyers I kept to remember this shocking experience. I must have known that one day I would retell the story to you.

Just to put this blog as a placeholder, I will keep you entertained with the link my friend sent me, which just happened and confirms my tale that Swans ARE NOT the pretty creatures we were taught they are!

City Room: Swans of Prospect Park Go From Elegant to Murderous

Friday, October 02, 2009

Happening spots - Oysters - Is this the new thing?

Recently, seems like everyone is going to Essex for their $1 oysters special. If not their mussels night or their $16 lobster night. Most nights come with a 1/2 off Drinks specials.
I've tried their oyster and lobster night. It's obviously a great deal, just don't expect a huge lobster.
the oysters night? what can i say, $1 is great... if you feel like spending a bit more, try their tastier $1.50 oysters or adventure out the seafood stream and try the duck. it was delish!
for more info Check out their site

Another hot spot? seems like people are heading to this $10 all you can eat oyster Thursday night. or $20 all you can drink. (I wonder what kind of alcohol they serve)Haven't been there, but I will keep you posted!
For more info Check out this site Btw, this is also in LES.