Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sweet Halloween Kiss

This year was an unexpected night full of fun!
something about big mouth and exposed breasts make people turn their cameras on!
Check out my Halloween pictures.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Good old friends, Green Building and Chocolate

1) Meeting up with a friend whom I had promised to call back 3 months ago in 1 minute and never did... and still be able to chat and have a great time as if it was 1 minute ago.

2) Being in a Green Building for the first time and enjoying the ultimate view of downtown and the Verrazano bridge.

3) Going to a a chocolate cafe in NYC and feeling like i'm in Willy Wonka's factory!
Delicious and creative menu. Delicate white chocolate ice cream on top of very crisp waffle at 1am. Yum!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Get Inspired by the simpler things in life

It's nice to see people looking at the beauty in simple things.
Haven't you noticed? Simple things can bring you a smile...

3BT is a great way to view the world... So, here are my first 3BT for today:

1) Finding this blog and a bunch of people who have the same idea
2) Seeing people who appreciate life, elderly, and the sweet moments we often forget in the business world.
3) Seeing my ex-coworkers, having a great time and remembering good old times.

Three Beautiful things

Happy 1 Year anniversary!

I made it and i'm still alive!

Tuesday was 1 year since I started my new job. I can't deny that it has been a tough year, but it has also been a year full of learning and new experiences.

I wanted to take a moment to Thank my family and friends who were so supportive at all times and helped me go through this battle.

It is amazing how right on that day - one year after I started - I saw clearly how many things changed as a product of the work and dedication I have put this year.
It was that particular Hello, that particular Thank You, that particular Opinion, that gave me the clue that I had proven myself to the team.

Thanks again, I wouldn't have done it without your support.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Where is the Fashion Police?

What is it that strikes me the most about streets, markets and street markets populated with chinese people?
Everyone running over each other with their fashionable 4x4s...

Where is the class and glamour?

wait... what class...?

Sad.. sad... sad... LOL

I have to tell you, carrying 10 lbs of fish rock and tons of groceries is not fun! So I couldn't help myself but to RUN to a hardware store and get myself one of those!
Definitely a Kodak moment!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thank Goodness for Phyton!

Looking at pretty fish in a fish tank is one thing. Taking care of them it's a whole other story.

Caring for 4 fish tanks means, changing 25% of 125 gallons of water every other day. That is ONLY if the water is in good conditions... Otherwise, add another 5 - 10%.
My sister and I were already developing muscles in our arms. - Which is not a bad thing, but pretty tiring. By the time we finished with the tanks there was no energy to do anything else.

Changing the tank water was quite an adventure. We would have to suck out of a dirty hose to suck out my fish kaka... pretty disgusting.
So my sister and I would take turns and laugh to see who would suck and swallow the water! Hilarious and yet disgusting!

So on Sunday, my sister and I went to the fish store to buy some fish food and to ask for a few recommendations on stabilizing the ammonia in the water. After explaining our struggle with the water condition and all that we have to go through, our friend the fish man, started laughing.
Why? well... the picture below just says it all. It's a mirror of our faces when we take care of our tanks...

I definitely can relate to their Ad!

Thank goodness for this product called Phyton that we no longer have to suck on this dirty water!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm tired

... i'm really tired...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sudden Tears In The Dark

In the dark, with my mind blank for a while, I close my eyes and open it again. Then I see your face and your smile in the air, and suddenly, tears rush down from my face.

I realized how difficult it is not to have you around; missing the warmth, missing your heavy sweet hands holding mine.
My vulnerable heart and my needs are betraying my hopes and dreams of that promised day.

Tell me what it is that i should do. Tell me how to be strong.

In the mornings I walk with my head up thinking of you, telling myself that I can do this alone, but during nights, when the world is sleeping and my mind is no longer distracted, I think of you, the past and how it could have been - If only I was first in your thoughts.

I am trying. During those nights and during those moments when my mind separates from my body to fly back in time, I stop. I shake my head as if it would really shake the thought away forever. Somehow, it just comes back.

I wish you knew how much my heart is aching and how much i wish you were still around.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Promise - by Tracy Chapman

If you wait for me then Ill come for you
Although Ive traveled far
I always hold a place for you in my heart
If you think of me, if you miss me once in awhile
Then Ill return to you
Ill return and fill that space in your heart

Your touch
Your kiss
Your warm embrace
Ill find my way back to you
If youll be waiting
If you dream of me like I dream of you
In a place thats warm and dark
In a place where I can feel the beating of your heart

Your touch
Your kiss
Your warm embrace
Ill find my way back to you
If youll be waiting
Ive longed for you and I have desired
To see your face your smile
To be with you wherever you are

Your touch
Your kiss
Your warm embrace
Ill find my way back to you
If youll be waiting
Ive longed for you and I have desired
To see your face, your smile
To be with you wherever you are

Your touch
Your kiss
Your warm embrace
Ill find my way back to you
Please say youll be waiting

Together again
It would feel so good to be
In your arms
Where all my journeys end
If you can make a promise if its one that you can keep, I vow to come for you
If you wait for me and say youll hold
A place for me in your heart.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Darn Thing Called Learning - Life 2.0

Do you believe when people say to be careful with your wishes because it may turn real one day?

This year has been on of those where i finally got my wishes granted.

I always dreamed of a challenging job. Somewhere where i can learn and manage at the same time. Where i can run the place and put some ideas working, remembering others actions and successes, past mistakes and perhaps giving daily duties a little twist.

I also wanted to move on with my personal life. It seemed to be stucked and going in circles for the past few years, and that certainly affected my career and my projection and view about life.

Something in me kept on saying that I needed a big change. A change that will leave an impact. Somehow i knew I had great things in life, and that i had things set for me, but i just felt like i didnt know how to appreciate it. At the same time, I had felt there were things I still had to accomplish and staying still in a life period was not going to get me there.
So i asked myself over and over, and it all came to the same conclusion - I needed a change.

So this year everything turned, and it all turned at the same time.(Did I ask for some dramatic/traumatic experience? ha!). I got a new job that is extremely challenging in different aspects, a confusing personal life and...
let's just say, I was missing the "good" - problem free life. All those so called problems I used to have, were nothing but winings from someone who had nothing to worry about.

Ironically, I don't regret any of these changes. The 180 degree change in life taught me a few many things. A problem free, clueless person suddenly became a tiny bit more aware of the real life and began to learn about chores ownership, responsibilities, money, family, commitment, love. Of course, many other lessons came with it, like GTD, honest public speaking 101 (my biggest mistake yet in my professional area), diligence, etc.

On my recet trip to Lake George I had some time to think about this complex thing called life. Looking back just a few months, i feel that life is just funny and has a great way of teaching someone to grow. Every action that you take is an executive decision you make in your life. Sometimes those decisions are logical and sometimes they are just emotional. But in the end they all get linked and somehow creates a circle of events called life. I thought it was great that i've got to experience these changes, simply because it makes me appreciate life at a higher level. Welcome to life 2.0

Everything happens for a reason. It happens because you want it to happen, and when it happens, it leads to other things that linked together marks a path for your to walk on and becomes your destiny. Does it sound like a slightly twisted version of The Alchemist perhaps?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Discus Gender

Breeding Discus is not an easy task. Although we've successfully pared a few couples, there was something i was never able to figure out - their gender.

Which one is the female and which one is the male?
It was always confusing and certainly not as easy to guess as i was able to with my Angel Fish. I researched on multiple websites, and none talked about gender.
Some said that paring was possible between the same sex, which made it even more difficult to guess.

A shot of luck hit us when our growchy pet store owner gave my mom and me some tips. He said that finding the gender is one of the stranges and challenging parts of knowing and caring for Discus.

There are 3 things you should look at when looking at their gender. However, even after identifying those 3, you may still be wrong.

The crown
If it's square shaped, it's a male
If it's rounded, it's a female

The tummy
If it's square shaped, it's a male
If it's rounded, it's a female

The upper fin
If it's pointy, it's a male
If it's round, it's a female

If you still can't identify their gender out of these 3 characteristics, the next thing is to analyse your pair if you are lucky to have one.
a pair is constantly laying eggs, while the water and enviromental conditions are also great, then you have found yourself a pair of the same sex.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Adoption by default

During the last 2 years of my last relationship my "other half" and I had decided to try our luck with a fish tank. A fish tank became two, two became three, and three became four. Soon we were successfully hatching eggs! and mastering the art of a Fish hobbyist. I always enjoyed seeing and admiring the tanks every night while my "other half" would take care of everything. But after my "other half" was gone I found myself adopting the Fish by default.

How on earth am i going to take care of these "things"! I said to myself in a moment of panic. I barely knew how to turn on the light. All i knew was the twice a day feeding and the water change theory every other week. I felt like the useless and helpless widow who depended on the husband for every little thing.

Today, not only do i enjoy admiring My Fish every day, but I can truly understand what Fish can teach you and bring to your house.
I have to Thank my parents for being so supportive, for helping me figure everything out and keeping them alive. If it wasnt because of them I would not have the joy of waking up to the sound of my "Natural alarm clock" - one of My Fish bouncing the pebbles every morning.
and still sit on my couch to admire My Fish.

In this post, I'd like to share a life gallery of My Beautiful Fish and pass on what I've learned.