Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Great weekend getaway and a Diamond day to remember!

This weekend I went snowboarding at Hunter and had an awesome time.

The people I met were great (all characters!), the weather was a bit cold but tolerable, and the mountain had good snow.
Half of the people that went were first time snowboarders, so we stayed on the easy green trails until the very end when M and I decided to end the day with some fun. We decided to go up one level and do the Blue - more difficult.
One of the guys, G, decided to come along... it was his first time going on a blue trail, and a shocking experience for all of us.
Just going up the lift, he got so nervous that he sat on my spot and i had nowhere to go. His board was stuck with mine and the lift was coming onto me while i was at that point facing the lift. I saw my leg amputated at that point!!!
Then, somehow, i fell under the lift, M tried to help me and fell on top of me, and then the lift went over our heads! It was crazy!!!!!
Thank goodness for that angel that was by my side protecting us.

On the second day, we decided to keep everyone at their level.
Hells yeah! I was not planning to go though that scary moment again!
So, 5 of us went up to do our usual Blue, until the 2 experts convinced us to do the diamond...!!!
Of course, right after we finished the diamond, those 2 experts convinced us that we could do the double diamond... and 3 of us Blue goers ended up doing Double Diamonds!!!!
We were soooooo proud that we did it!!! - definitely a day to remember.

Of course, we had to end the trip with a bang and had an awesome dinner in flushing with some good old inexpensive real Chinese food!

It was definitely an awesome weekend!

Now... let's bare the pain... I am so sore that i can even lift my leg.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Not Just 3BT... but Many Beautiful Things

Today I saw many beautiful things crossing in front of my eyes...

I saw two little girls on the train, probably 2 years apart. One was probably 3 and the other 5.
They both smiled at each other, played with each other, caressed each other, leaned on each other. It was beautiful. It was sweet. It was Innocent. It was true.
I immediately thought of my sister and wanted to hug her and tell her how much I love her.

Then I went to a bday dinner. at the dinner table there were many people. tons of couples.
in each couple i saw a silent union. It was invisible but very strong. I saw how much one cared for the other. I saw connection. I saw love and affection. It was the right hand talking to the left. Silly conversations, silly touches, silly comments, silly "oh do you know what happened today on my way to work?", silly "touch my hand, is soft, why is your hand so rough? it must be the cold"
silly laughs, silly "do you remember what happened on our trip?", silly "I'm so full, should I eat one more piece?", silly "sure go ahead". silly "I can't smoke, she doesn't like it", silly "We are going on vacation next week, i'm so excited", silly "is late, we have to go. We have to do things tomorrow", silly "Do you want to go to your mom's house after this?", silly people walking down holding hands.
It was beautiful. I miss feeling silly.