Sunday, March 08, 2009

I've Got the Running Bug

My sister was making fun of me the other day... What type of sports is she now in???
well, it should come to no surprise that I would add Running to my sports adventures.

In my last post i said i was hoping to run a 5K... well, i'm glad to report that i've done a 5K, a 10K, a 12K and now i'm aiming towards a half marathon in September! pretty good isnt?

The first time I ran the 5K it was one of the coldest day of the year. Thanks to great gear, gloves and hat, i was able to stay warm and finish the race ahead of my goal time. At the end of the race, I felt great. I felt i had achieved something great.
Just check out my video and you'll see what i mean.

My third race was a 10K - the Scotland homecoming race. It was soaking wet, cold and windy. The trick to last in this nasty weather is to wear just enough clothes to run, a poncho that covers you head, put vaseline on your feet, wear your socks, wrap each foot in a plastic bag and tie it lightly with a rubber band. Trust me, it works. I got the advise from a friend who is a Marathon freak.

so, as you can see, i've got the running bug.